International Advisor - (In Alphabetical Order)

Jonathan Kim

Veteran producer Jonathan Hyong-Joon Kim has served two terms as the Chairman of the Korean Film Producer's Association. With the career in the Korean film industry that span almost 30 years, Kim has produced over 23 motion picture films. He has recently concluded his appointment as an executive-level film consultancy role at South Korean entertainment conglomerate CJ E&M where he played an integral part in success of Masquerade and A Wedding Invitation. Currently, he now runs his own multinational production company Hanmac Culture Corporation.

His 2004 blockbuster Silmido, based on the true story of a team of South Korean commandos trained to assassinate the North Korean President, blew away with all records with 11 million box office tickets sold, representing one-quarter of the South Korean population. In 2004, Mr. Kim was awarded the Daejong Award for Best Executive Producer, the Korean equivalent of Oscar.

A member of Korea/Japan Culture Exchange Committee and an International Advisor to the Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF), Kim has also been an advocate of intra-Asian co-productions. A regular speaker at various International Film & Contents industry forums, he sells Asian co-productions as the way of future.  Kim recently produced Making Family, a China-Korea Co-production.