International Advisor - (In Alphabetical Order)

OH Jungwan

As the producer and founder of Bom Film Productions, OH Jung-wan has focused on producing accomplished feature films with a unique style that challenges the conventional ideas of cinema.

Her filmography with Bom film productions includes the award-winning box office successes THE FOUL KING (2000), A TALE OF TWO SISTERS (2003), UNTOLD SCANDAL (2003), A BITTERSWEET LIFE (2005), YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE (2005), WOMAN ON THE BEACH (2006), NIGHT AND DAY (2008), A MAN AND A WOMAN (2016).

As one of the most prolific and respected producer in the South Korean film industry, she is also internationally established being a pioneer in cross-border filmmaking by partnering with filmmakers in Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand. She has been on the board and jury member of many prestigious international film festivals and organizations, and has been the deputy director of the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival since 2016.