Eligibility and Selection Criteria

5 projects will be selected to participate in HCG. Representatives of the selected projects will be invited to Hong Kong to attend the three-day film financing forum. Selected HCG projects will be eligible to compete for a number of awards, subject to the criteria and regulations of each award. 

Eligibility and Selection Criteria:
The applicant MUST be the copyright owner of the submitted material, or is authorised to act on behalf of the copyright owner of the submitted material.

  1. Full-length (running time 60 minutes or longer) fictional feature film project with a director, producer and a production company attached;
  2. With a proposed budget and not fully financed;
  3. Display a high market potential for Asian and/or international market;
  4. Exhibit both artistic and commercial qualities;
  5. At any stage of production;
  6. Priority will be given to projects that have not been participated in any other project markets.

Required materials:

  1. A completed online project submission form;
  2. One-sentence synopsis (30 words in English; 60 words in Chinese);
  3. Synopsis (100 words in English; 150 words in Chinese);
  4. Director's statement (100 words in English; 150 words in Chinese);
  5. Director's biography and filmography (100 words in English; 150 words in Chinese);
  6. Producer's biography and filmography (100 words in English; 150 words in Chinese);
  7. Production company profile (100 words in English; 150 words in Chinese);
  8. Treatment (1,000 words in English; 2,000 words in Chinese);
  9. Budget plan (template);
  10. Full Chinese script; and
  11. Submission fee.

Optional materials:

  1. Teaser image/ Project poster image (2 files max., size limit 500kb each);
  2. Director's previous work, rough cut video or footage of project (HAF only accepts video clips available on online streaming platforms. Please include up to two links to your video in the submission form. The link(s) has to be valid until 31 January 2023. Please provide the password if the link(s) is protected) ; and
  3. Full script (in electronic format ONLY). 

Privileges and Conditions:

  1. For selected non-Hong Kong projects, HAF will arrange travel (from/to Country of Residence) and accommodation for the representative(s) who do(es) not reside in Hong Kong. Details will be provided to the representative(s) in due course. HKIFFS reserves the right to final decision.
  2. At least one representative of each selected project is required to attend all meetings and events organised by HAF.


  1. All submissions and supporting materials shall comply with the above eligibility and selection criteria.
  2. One submission form is for one project submission only.
  3. Submission fee is applied to each application and is non-refundable.
  4. Supporting materials of all submissions must be submitted in both English and Chinese.
  5. All submissions must adhere to entry character limits.
  6. Unpaid submissions or submissions missing any required materials will not be processed.
  7. Materials and information supplied will be treated as confidential and will be used by Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS), their affiliates or designated personnel only.
  8. All materials submitted will not be returned.
  9. Please specify in the project submission form if the project has been/ will be presented in other project markets.
  10. Selected HCG Projects will be notified individually by early February 2023.
  11. Decisions of HKIFFS are final.

Please send email at for further enquiry.