【HKIFF Collection News】BARBARIAN INVASION continues the festival tour! 

San Deigo Asian Film Festival : Oct 29 / 9:10pm / UltraStar Cinemas Mission Valley

Jakarta Film Week: Nov 20 / 4:00pm / Theatre 1, CGV Grand Indonesia

Singapore International Film Festival: Nov 29 / 7:00pm / Golden Village 1; Dec 1 / 6:30pm / Golden Village 4

International Film Festival Rotterdam: TBC during Jan 26 to Feb 6, 2022

Statement from Director TAN Chui Mui

“Many years ago, I asked Bruno Dumont a rather childish question, “What is cinema?”

He thought for a while, and answered me in all seriousness, “This is a metaphysical question, it is no different from if you asked me, what is life?”

It seems like there is a mysterious relationship between cinema and life. My film is just a question.”

​BARBARIAN INVASION is one of a series of 6 films presented by Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Limited and Heaven Pictures with the theme “B2B Love Conquers All,” “B2B” stands for “Back to Basics”. ​