The Hong Kong International Film Society (HKIFFS) proudly announced the setting of its Film Industry Services (FIS) office, a new and unique initiative to coordinate and direct the HKIFFS expanding scope of services to filmmakers.

Earlier this year, the management of HKIFFS, the Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) launched two new schemes – Work-in-Progress Lab (WIP Lab) and “HAF goes to Cannes.” The WIP Lab helps filmmakers secure post-production funds, sales agents and film festival support while “HAF goes to Cannes” program is a collaboration with one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals Marché du Film, Festival de Cannes, offering unprecedented screening opportunities and global exposure at the Cannes festival market for promising film projects primarily from WIP Lab that are searching for potential sales agents and film festivals.

The FIS includes a new component to represent films, especially to provide advice on festival strategies and collaboration opportunities on overseas distribution. Film titles under the FIS will be known as HKIFF Collection and has already started to add existing and new films. These include the HKIFF’s “Quattro” and “Beautiful” series of short films by name directors such as JIA ZhangKe, Ann HUI,  Stanley KWAN, TSAI Ming-liang, Mohsen MAKHMALBAF, Brillante MENDOZA, NAKATA Hideo, KUROSAWA Kiyishi and among many others; “8mm Hachimiri Madness” series of early films by Japanese filmmakers who subsequently became well known such as SONO Sion and TSUKAMOTO Shinya; and feature films which subsequently became well known such as SUNSHINE THAT CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS (Alibaba Pictures, dir. WANG Qiang, Best Script, Shanghai International Film Festival 2017), documentary about Hong Kong artist Yank WONG I’VE GOT THE BLUES (dir. Angie CHEN, Vancouver International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival 2017); and the much-anticipated comedy, LOOKING FOR LUCKY (Heyi Pictures, dir. JIANG Jiachen, in post).

From getting your project off the ground (HAF platform), to finding post production assistance (WIP Lab) and exposing your work in major international platforms (“HAF Goes to Cannes”) and on to planning the career of your finished film, the FIS offers an all-around services and opportunities to independent filmmakers.