Work-in-Progress (WIP)  2024 Project Submission

The WIP initiative is designed for film projects that are in the later stage of production. The purpose of this initiative is to help producers and directors to secure post-production funds, meet distribution agents and film festival programmers. Directors and producers of the selected projects will be invited to the WIP to introduce their new films. 

Each team will have 10 minutes to present its project, including a video excerpt of the film, and then followed by a 5-min Q&A session from investors, distribution company representatives, post-production company representatives, film festivals programmers and the like. Private meetings with the attendees can also be arranged.

Furthermore, HAF will again partner with Marché du Film of Cannes Film Festival to shortlist five projects from the WIP selection to join the “HAF Goes to Cannes” program in May 2024. Screening and exposure opportunities for the selected projects will be offered.